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Line Rider meets The Incredible Machine!

In Professor Hamwise, you’re a test subject for a new and improved hamster ball! The player creatively draws holographic rails and places booster tubes that they must then skillfully navigate to the end portal!

The goal is to draw a path from the start portal (Green) to the end portal (Purple) while picking up strawberries along the way.
Left-Click to draw your line, keep an eye on the limited ink indication.
Hold Right-Click to aim a boost tube that will accelerate Professor Hamwise. Release Right-Click to place it once you’ve angled it as desired.
Press “Play” to start Hamwise on his journey, press Space during play to jump and navigate your track.
Press “Reset” to wipe everything, this will leave a shaded line where your last path was.
Press “Pause” to leave your drawing and Boost Tubes in place, but reset Hamwise’s position and the strawberries so you can attempt to navigate your existing path.


Josh Dudleston (Artist)

Galen Frese (Producer)

Alex Kofford (Engineer)

Sumi Nakamura (Engineer)

Jacob Nielsen (Producer)

Jake Reuling (Tech Artist)


ProfHamwise.zip 3 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the setup. :D

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